Success follows committed team efforts of business owners, those that work within the business and those that provide supporting services to the business.  Business owners have a myriad of factors to consider in implementing their business goals that have legal implications.  Business owners often have diverse assets and interests that do not require full time in-house general counsel, yet can benefit from a knowledgeable and experienced legal advisor that has legal insight, practical wisdom, and business instinct.

Invaluable to my practice is gaining an understanding of my client’s business, not just the products and services, but the operations and practical implications of historical factors and strategic objectives. Legal related matters and implications must be explained in a fashion that is easy for all involved to understand, evaluate the cost-risk-benefit, and  implement with ease for business owner’s decisions that are productive and conducive to the businesses needs.  The combined implications of a legal advisor that understands the business and a business that understands legal implications allows for the development proactive responses to legal matters.

Foremost in my practice is assisting clients in matters that I have the knowledge, skill, training and experience reasonably necessary for the representation in a given matter. Being informed with accurate and detailed information as well as the nuances of a client’s business allows me, as a businesses chief legal advisor to address the unique needs of my clients.